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Our Secretarial Services

Our accounting services Singapore encompass the following secretarial services:

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Why Choose Our Company Incorporation Services?

One-stop Solution
Having all services done at AG, enables reducing process, time and cost. AG services are comprehensive, ranging from financing, secretarial, tax, accounting, audit, branding & marketing.  
Branding & Financing
As a new start up company, sales and cash flow are the major issues that new business owner needs to tackle with. Besides compliance services, AG also provides support of marketing and financing which create more value to the business of our clients.
Most of communications are via email, phone call or teleconference and physical presence in our office is not necessary.
Fast & Effective
AG always compete with time. We incorporate new company for our clients within 1 day.

Tips For Singapore Company Incorporation

During incorporation, the typical mistake is that entrepreneurs have never considered the vehicle that best fits their business i.e sole proprietorship versus Pte Ltd.

This will have a significant impact in terms of tax and business strategy in the long term.

For example, with taxable income of S$300,000 for YA2017, the effective tax rates for sole proprietorship and Pte Ltd are 13.5% and 5.7% respectively, provided certain requirements are met.

A sound branding planning should start as early as when a company is registered. A good company name gives a good impression that helps you to stand out from other competitors.

A good company name should be positive and easy to remember. Let AG to incorporate your company and be your branding advisor to maximise the value.

In Singapore, a new start-up company is given a full tax exemption of as much as S$200,000 for the first S$300,000 taxable income.

One of the criteria of the exemption is that the company must not have more than 20 shareholders and at least 10% of shares must be directly and beneficially held by an individual.

Certain businesses fall within regulated industries. Relevant business licence is required before a company can be registered.

Guide To Company Registration Singapore

  • 1. Fill Out Eligibility Checklist
    Shareholder structure / Director requirements / Business address / Company name / Company structure / Business license
  • Apply for proposed company name
    Appilcation will be processed within 15 mins
  • Register Company
    Application will normally be processed within 1 day
  • Processing Time
    Take 14 - 60 days if application needs other agency for approval
  • Successful Incorporation
    Free bizfile download

Key information before incorporating:

  1.  Check availability of company name
  2. Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA) for the company
  3. Local address
  4. Directors’ particulars
  5. Business activity (Find SSIC code for your business)

Company name application can be e-filed through Bizfile website with a charge of S$15. Application will normally be processed within 15 minutes after the payment, which is non-refundable. Approved name will be reserved for 60 days.

Once company name is approved, you can e-file business registration application with all company information with a  charge by ACRA as below:

Name application fee S$15
Company limited by sharesCompany limited by shares

Wait 15 minutes after registration fee is paid for ACRA to approve/reject your application.

It may take 14 days to 2 months if the application needs to be referred to other authorities for approval (e.g. a private school will be referred to the Ministry of Education)

Within 3 days of your application for Singapore company incorporation, submit an online endorsement from the company directors/secretary via BizFile.

Once successful, a download link of your company bizfile will be emailed to you.

Let AG do for you.