Corporate Financing Advisory

Cash is king, without which, a company is hard to sustain no matter how profitable it is. Effective cash flow management is important in growing a business. External source of funding plays a key role in cash flow management.

AG as an one-stop solution service provider, has established a strong network with reputable funding partners in order to grant our clients an access to external funding sources in a faster and easier way.

We associate with independent corporate financing advisors to provide advisory on how to getting more competitive financing facilities easier and faster, covering:

Commercial Financing

Assets Based Financing

Investment Financing

Mezzanine Financing

Why Engage Our Financing Advisory?

Faster & Easier

AG works with an independent financing advisory group with a strong network in financing industry. We help you gain an access to credit facilities faster and easier.

Free Expert Advice

Advisory fee will only be charged when facilities application is approved. Otherwise, no fee will be charged.

Cost Saving

As we have a strong network in financing industry, we can help to sort out the most competitive facility package that best fits you.

Higher Approval Rate

We understand the credit facility process very well and this makes you well prepared for fulfilling facility requirements. Furthers, we have a very wide source of financing.

Improve Your Cash Flow Now!
Quick and expert advice.