Branding Service Singapore

Branding services, nowadays, in this competitive business arena, is essential to differentiate oneself from others.

By implementing our own unique branding services strategy, AG has grown into a seven-digit making group within 2 years with an annual growth record of 100% – 200%.

Sales is a major factor to the success of a business. Our branding strategy is unique and proven with good track record. A sound sales funnel is important to convert prospects into sales.

To boost your sales, you can tap on our branding agency Singapore, Arche Image, to build up your own unique brand and sales funnel to stand out from the competitors.

Good branding services helps you outdo, outperform, outplay your competitors.

Branding Services Singapore
Branding Services Singapore

Branding Agency Singapore

Arche Image Pte. Ltd. is our branding services consulting arm to provide marketing and branding services across Singapore, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Arche Image specializes in 360º of branding and marketing such as:


Guide To Branding

There are some basic steps to building a great brand:
Logo is a visual identity of a business which should be unique and represents your company. Understanding the science behind color is important in logo design. For example, red is intense color. It can create conflicting feeling from warfare & blood to passion & love. It is often used in logo color to grab the attention of viewers. Good logo and name give consistent brand image that enables people to recognise you immediately.
Customers always prefer to buy from brand they know. Interacting with customers with consistent brand voice will let customers get to know you as an organisation. And when they feel like that they know you and can trust you, more likely they will buy from you.
Trademarking ensures your unique brand image be protected against your competitors.
Active brand marketing helps increase the brand exposure to the market. Marketing increases sales, branding sustains sales.

Sale Funnel Basics

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Our Projects

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