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Our secretarial services team is led by our senior corporate advisor who is a Chartered Secretary registered SIACSA and a filing agent registered with ACRA with more than 10 years working experience in SGX-listed company and SME.

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Why Choose Our Secretarial Services?

Sign Resolutions Anywhere
We integrate e-signature technology into our process. All your resolutions can be signed by your shareholders and directors using our e-signature technology.
Our secretarial department is led by qualified Chartered Secretary. We believe qualification and expertise ensure quality.
Fast Processing Time
Most communication is done via email, phone call, teleconference and your physical presence at our office is not required. We integrate e-signature technology in our process to make it fast and easy.
One-stop Solution
Having all services done at AG, reduces process, time and cost.


Basic Secretary
Enhanced Secretary



Routine Annual Filing and AGM preparation Yes Yes
Annual Filing government Charges (S$60) Yes Yes
Ad-hoc changes (excl. stamp duty & ACRA fee) S$100/change Unlimited

Why opt for an expensive, complex secretarial service when your company’s structure is straightforward? Typically, a company with a simple structure undergoes few changes, requiring only routine tasks like the annual general meeting and filing the annual return. With this in mind, we have tailored a straightforward company secretary service package $360 to meet your statutory requirements without unnecessary spending.

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Secretarial Services

Our Secretarial services covers the following job scopes:
  • E-filing any change of company & registration of charge
  • Ensuring directors/shareholders meeting is effectively organised & minuted.
  • Maintaining effective record & administration
  • Upholding legal documents
  • Ensuring compliance with the Companies Act

Under S175, S197 and S201 of the Companies Act, all Singapore-incorporated companies need to hold their Annual General Meeting (AGM) and file their Annual Returns (ARs) . Directors shall present a true and fair view of the company’s accounts to their shareholders at AGM.


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AGM & Annual Return


Companies are required to hold its first AGM within 18 months after its incorporation under S175 of the Companies Act. Subsequent AGMs must be held every calendar year and interval between AGMs shall not be more than 15 months.

Under S197 of the Companies Act, Annual Return must be filed with Registrar within 30 days after its AGM.

Any delay will result in late penalties.

Requirement Of Company Secretary


Every company is required by Companies Act, Cap. 50, that a company secretary must be appointed within 6 months after incorporation. A company secretary could not be the sole director of a company at the same time and must be a local resident.

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If your company is insolvent, you are required to file XBRL. Otherwise, it is exempted.

Company is required to file Annual Return within 30 days after Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Your company is required to hold its first AGM within 18 months after its incorporation.

Share capital reduction can be done by ‘Court-free’ method. The procedures are as below:

  • Directors have to provide the solvency statements.
  • Inform the Comptroller of Income Tax and comply with the publicity requirements. The notification to the Comptroller of Income Tax must be sent within 8 days beginning with the resolution date.
  • Creditors may apply to the court to cancel the resolution. If there is no such objection after 6 weeks but no later than 8 weeks after the resolution date.
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