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Our Audit Services Features

  • Make audit solutions practical
  • Meet your audit deadline
  • Match your audit fee
  • MNC-trusted

Our Audit Services

How Would You Like To Have X-Ray Vision Into The Inner Workings Of Your Business?

AG Assurance PAC is a mid-tier audit firm in Singapore, serving the niche between the mid-tier audit firms and the smaller local ones.

By engaging the award-winning audit services of AG for an expert advisory audit, it is entirely possible to gain a whole new understanding of your business and finances.

You will be able to see your own financial records with the benefit of clarity and unbiased analysis, expose possible fraud, reveal financial irregularities, and truly come face-to-face with the heart and soul of your business so that you can make the best decisions for your company.

Learn the truth of the matter with AG today. Our audit services include:


Why Choose Our Audit Firm In Singapore?

30 Days KPI
If you have any special audit deadline, we will meet your expectations and deliver promptly. Our average KPI for our audit time frame is less than 30 days.
96.5% Satisfaction
With hundreds of audit clients, we have a high customer satisfaction KPI of 96.5%, which is proven by our low lost customer rate.
Practical Solutions
We provide practical audit solutions to improve your corporate governance and the quality of financial statements.
Served By Experts
All audit engagements will be assigned to our senior or managerial auditors. So, you do not need to worry about having to liaise with junior auditors who may be inexperienced.
Response In 24 Hours
AG has a strict quality control policy that requires our teams to reply to your enquiry within a 24-hour period.
One-stop Solution
Besides audit services, AG provides comprehensive corporate advisory services. Having all your services done at AG reduces process, time and cost.

At AG, we will work with you to provide professional solutions to your unique business challenges. Our personalised audit services are based on our long-standing experience and comprehensive knowledge, using effective methodologies that will meet regulatory and business requirements, and lend credibility to the financial statements of your company.

Our expertise allows us to provide a holistic perspective when assessing your company performance. We review operational and organisational structures to check conformity with the relevant standard requirements and highlight opportunities for improvement in weaker areas. This can help you to take an in-depth analysis of the efficiency and effectiveness of your existing processes.

We deliver top-notch service and do our best to understand the unique business nature of our clients so we can work hand in hand to tackle and address all audit issues. Our audit services are tailored to your specific needs so you can achieve specific business objectives, manage your risks, and improve business performance. This is especially relevant to keep pace with the rapid changes in today’s world of business. Here is where we come in, with external help and resources provided by an experienced audit partner. Talk to us today so we can strategise a solution that is tailored to your requirements.

93% of clients choose our audit services because we meet their audit deadline.

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” Completed audit smoothly earlier than the targeted deadline by 1 month.”

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” Completed and finalised audit in a timely and professional manners as usual .”


Starting from
Statutory audit (active company) S$3,000
Sales audit                                           S$800
Other special audit Varies (ask for a quote)
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Our Audit Services Process

  1. We communicate, meet up and discuss to understand your business.
  2. We customise our audit checklist based on your business as we do not believe one-for-all solution.
  3. We emphasize meeting your audit deadline.
  4. We analyse your businessfind out weaknesses and suggest solutions.
  • 01
    You will meet with our team of senior auditors and audit managers
    for knowing more about your business model.
  • 02
    Create a customised audit checklist based on your business
    so that we can discuss about, and understand your business
  • 03
    We will run through the checklist with you
    so that you are well-prepared for satisfying audit requirements in advance. We pride ourself in meeting your audit deadlines 50% faster than the industry-standard.
  • 04
    We will analyze your business, find out weaknesses and suggest solutions
    In general, we can finalize your audits in 2-4 weeks, compared to the usual 4-8 weeks.
  • 05
    Reduce cost, process & time.
    Audit time schedule will also be constantly reviewed and approved by audit partners. To ensure that your audits are finalized promptly before your deadlines.

Our Audit Competency

  • KPI of completing an audit within 30 days.
  • Having completed over 1,500+ audit engagements.
  • Member of IR Global, which is the world's leading professional services network with over 1,000 member firms over 155+ jurisdictions.
  • Recognised as one of Singapore’s Most Trusted Tax Service Providers by APAC Business Headlines Magazine.
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How AG Prevents Audit Delay

For audit assignments with a tight deadline, AG will perform an interim audit, normally 2-3 months before the financial year-end. This is to minimise the work and time required to conclude the final audit after the financial year.

To facilitate a smooth audit process, an audit requirement checklist will be tailor-made according to the client’s business model. We will run through the checklist with our clients so that they can prepare themselves for satisfying audit requirements in advance.
AG employs risk-based audit methodology suggested by Singapore Standards of Auditing. In the audit planning stage, we will perform data crunching to identify key risk areas. So audit testing will be performed to mitigate the audit risk. This enables us to focus our audit on risky areas and significantly reduces time, process and cost.
All audit engagements will be assigned at least a senior auditor and supervised by our audit managers to monitor audit progress and quality. Audit partners will robustly review and approve the audit time schedule to ensure our prompt service delivery.

Successful Case Study

Client A is a subsidiary (“ABC”) of a foreign-listed company, with approximate US$30mil in revenue per annum. Holding company requires ABC to submit its auditor report by end of February every year. However, the auditor of ABC failed to meet the deadline and finalised the audit around end of March. This seriously delayed the  group reporting process and dividend repatriation by ABC to its holding company.


AG performed interim audit and prepared an audit checklist to better cooperate and communicate with Client A’s accounting team.


We managed to finalise our audit in early February, 3 weeks before deadline.

Client B (“BCD”) is a construction company with project revenue of more than S$10mil. Audit of BCD was qualified every year by its previous auditor due to improper project budgeting and cost allocation.


AG helped to revamp its business model by creating a cost centre, where BCD will outsource all projects to it.


Client B’s tax payable has reduced and its auditor report has improved from qualified opinion to clean report.

Meet Your Audit Deadline With Practical Solutions.


It depends on the complexity and volume of your business. Normally, our KPI is to complete an audit within 1 month.

For the financial year beginning on or after 1 July 2015, a company qualifies as a small company and is exempted from audit if it meets at least 2 out of 3 following quantitative criteria:

  1. Total annual revenue is not more than S$ 10mil;
  2. Total assets are not more than S$ 10mil;
  3. Number of employees is not more than 50.

For a company that is part of a group, to qualify for audit exemption:

  1. The company must qualify as a small company; AND
  2. The group must be a small group.

A group qualifies as a small group if it meets 2 out of 3 quantitative criteria stated above on a consolidated basis.

SFRS is similar to IFRS. Preparing financial statements based on IFRS is acceptable in Singapore.

There is no implication from an audit perspective. However, the financial figures from the prior year will no longer be comparable. From a tax perspective, the corporate tax will be computed based on 2 Years of Assessment.

As per the Companies Acts, you are required to appoint an auditor within 3 months of your company’s incorporation date.

Companies incorporated in Singapore must adhere to the accounting standards set by the Companies Acts and Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS). Auditors appointed by the company will audit its accounts based on the Singapore Standards of Audit. However, depending on the nature of your business’s accounts, your company may not need to adhere to every regulation. If you have any doubts on the matter, it is best to seek the advice of a reliable audit firm.

Companies that meet the audit criteria are mandated by law to undergo an annual audit. However, small businesses that are exempted often choose to undergo an audit process despite having no obligation to do so. This is because an independent audit is essential to good corporate governance and ensures an effective internal financial control function.

Furthermore, an audit adds credence to the information presented to the company’s shareholders. It provides reassurance to the relevant stakeholders and enables them to make sound business decisions to ensure the company remains profitable and competitive.

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