The Importance Of Customer Loyalty & 4 Ways To Achieve It

The relationship between businesses and customers is interesting. A bad experience can drive away many existing and potential clients. Unfavourable news spread rapidly, and the impact on your reputation can be damaging and hard to resolve.

On the other hand, a positive experience can be related to achievement and success. The good news will also most likely be spread.

Most start-ups face a bigger challenge since their brands are not as well-known, in comparison to bigger companies. Start-up companies may face mistrust and doubt from customers.  Amidst a flurry of reputational onslaughts from larger competitors, and limited resources, below are some of the ways young businesses can grow customer loyalty.

1. Make Customer Needs a Priority for Everyone in the Organization

In this era of high competition and rapid changes in technology, significant product differentiation is hard to achieve. Businesses differentiate in the customer’s experience.

Customers want to feel special, and they like to be treated special. One way to consistently pull this off, on a start-up budget, is to get everyone pull in the same direction – the customer’s direction. To achieve this, nurture a culture within the organization where the customer’s needs are a priority for everyone within the organization. After all, the customer is king!

2. Emphasize on Personal Touch

Technology makes conducting business so much easier and convenient. However, it does not have the personal touch. Technology is great, but a human touch is personable and memorable.

You should arrange for more one-on-one interactions with your customers. As advance as technology can get, people are still more responsive, open and understanding when interacting with one another. Therefore, free up time and talk to your customers. Get to know them better and show genuine interest in doing so.

3. Consistently Offer Excellent Service

As mentioned above, the consequences and impact of unfavourable experiences tend to stay longer than positive ones. This is because many small businesses fluctuate in service delivery. A positive experience usually does not last long as it is often overshadowed by a mediocre or unpleasant experience. To change this, there are several things you can do. This include setting service level standards applicable to all team members, reward exceptional service, be attentive to minor details, and training staffs regularly.

4. Reach out and Connect with Customers

One advantage small businesses and start-ups have over large corporations is the ability to connect with customers on a one-to-one basis. This stimulates and boosts relationships with customers.

Invest in building solid, good relationships with customers which are beneficial for your business. Put your resources and efforts to connect with your customers, especially the repeat ones. This group of loyal customers should be attended to with exceptional care and concern, so they feel valued and appreciated. Good customer relations are essential because customers are the core of your business success.


The tips mentioned above will aid you in delivering exceptional and memorable experiences. By providing positive and great experiences to clients, a strong bond of trust and reliability is formed, and clients would definitely engage your services again. You can also seek the expertise of an accounting services company to assure your books are in order and how you can allocate funding strategically to improve the experiences you provide to customers.

If you require any assistance on accounting services in Singapore, feel free to drop us an email at or contact us at +65-66358767. At Ackenting Group, we offer a free 30 minutes online consultation for us to understand your business requirements better.

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