How Outsourced Accounting Help Businesses Save Costs

There are a lot of costs and expenses incurred when you consider hiring in-house staff to manage bookkeeping records and put together financial reports – such as health insurance, full-time salary, and so forth.

Moreover, businesses such as startups will have a more difficult time in hiring an entire team of staff to look after accounting records – the limited capital they at hand doesn’t allow them to do so. Which is why turning to accounting outsourcing companies serves as a better option as services aren’t only reasonable, but it reduces the risk of unreliable and non-compliance financials as well.

Below, we have listed down a few other reasons why outsourced accounting helps save money for your business.

Lower charges

When we compare the cost of outsourcing accounting tasks against hiring a full-time accountant within the business – the latter is costlier due to the monthly paycheck, which takes a portion of the business expenses.

While it is expected due to the devoted commitment of that one single staff – the huge chunk taken out of the finances will deprive your business its ability to pay for other necessities like goods, office equipment, and so forth. Especially if your business is a startup – it will become tougher for you to focus on business growth. Additionally, there are various accounting packages for you to suit your business portfolio and meet your budget needs.

Hence, this explains the usefulness of an accounting firm which helps to reduce workload and costs effectively.

Professional expertise

Due to the training, education or experience gained over the past years, accountants in external firms are able to assist you with bookkeeping records professionally. They understand what needs to be done – such as analysing the financial data, customised advice to fit business requirements, help face audits, and so on.

Simply put, they act as an extra helping hand in building your business as they can direct you on the right path. Moreover, by managing and educating your business finance and dealings – you have a better understanding in accounting and financial implications, which increases many banks’ trust in your business.

Accurate bookkeeping

There are various reasons for which accurate bookkeeping is a must from the very beginning. When it comes to reporting income to the concerned authorities such as the tax department, the excise department, and so on – any mistakes or omissions can lead to mistrust in them. In turn, they might be concerned with your reliability or even doubt your services when the incorrect bookkeeping records are shown to them.

Furthermore, for the benefits of businesses themselves – it is crucial for accounts to be maintained properly. Otherwise, it would be difficult to have a clear picture of how the business is progressing. Relevant information like product performance among customers, sales, signs of missing profit are all easily identified with proper bookkeeping.

Therefore, when we consider outsourced accounting from a cost standpoint – it is rewarding for businesses. Issues such as overlooking financial records or frauds and theft by customers are easily avoided with the expertise of an experienced accountant.

Comprehensive services

Accounting firms don’t just provide excellent bookkeeping – they also offer company incorporation services for you to start your business off right.

Such services come with bank account support, fuss-free communications and processes, and quick and efficient registration. Startups, in particular, will benefit from such a service as everything is in one place – leaving no need for time wastage in finding different companies and saves cost.

Outsourced accounting helps businesses in many ways – especially when it comes to saving costs. Moreover, they help to improve overall business productivity. If you require any assistance on accounting services, feel free to drop us an email at or contact us at +65-66358767. At Ackenting Group, we offer a free 30 minutes online consultation for us to understand your business requirements better.

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