Employee Qualities You Shouldn’t Miss When Hiring New Staff

Bringing in new talent is one of the key factors for a business to achieve greater success. By having the right people on your team, they can significantly elevate overall performance, provide more remarkable results, and reach target milestones more swiftly.

As with every company, specific characteristics are more valued than others, depending on the business needs. With that said, there are many key qualities you shouldn’t miss when it’s time to bring in new staff. These qualities may all directly be related or complement and support the main ones you’re looking for. To know which traits are universally valuable to any company, read on further below.

Inherent honesty

Honest employees contribute a lot to the organisation. They can carry this value in their work, attitude, or communication with others, which will result in quality results. By being direct and transparent, this also helps to contribute to open company culture.

Honesty is not only an important trait in an employee – it extends to business partners and service providers you work with. With the Ackenting Group by your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that experienced, honest accountants are taking care of your business needs. As one of the best audit firms in Singapore, we serve with sincerity to ensure your business maintains compliance with the latest regulations.

Exceptional punctuality

Whether it’s arriving early to work, submitting projects on time, or being the first to arrive in meetings, punctuality is a quality that is priceless. An employee’s careful attention to timeliness shows that they are not only serious about their work, but they are also highly dedicated to it and will put their best foot forward.

Passion for learning

An employee who is highly curious about the company and its industry shows their passion for it. This ardent curiosity allows them to sharpen their skills easily, and potentially, drive them to reach greater heights within the company hierarchy.

Open to feedback

 Employees who are accepting of their weaknesses means they are eager to grow and learn from their mistakes. Armed with critical feedback, they are able to correct their past errors and even proactively improve by themselves, resulting in the capability to offer more value in their work.

Adaptable to change

When employees are able to adapt, they can quickly respond to changing trends, industry shifts, innovation and so on. They welcome change and are able to solve problems. With the ability to be nimble and adaptable, they can think differently and see a way forward into the future – which is especially important to navigate current tough times.


Finding the right talent that will fit your company will always be a challenge. With this article, we hope you will have a better idea of the qualities to look out for during the hiring process and strengthen your confidence in recruiting them for your team.

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