Advantages Of Merging Multinational Taxes With A Single Firm

It can be a complex issue, especially if you do not have the necessary training and fundamentals to manage your company’s tax and accounting. There can be no place for error as this essential part of the company is, in fact, the most critical aspect of business management. It is even more so for companies that operate in different nations within the region, as then, varying compliance and regulations of the respective nations are involved.

Like many companies today are expanding across the Asia-Pacific region, many tax executives are also turning to individual nations’ tax specialists to help the business manage their tax requirements. While this may seem like an ideal solution, managing multiple tax advisors does come with its set of issues.

  • Communication siloes: With multiple languages and cultural differences, managing multiple tax specialists can get challenging.
  • Staff turnover: As more employees globally are resigning, it also means more staff to train.
  • Technology challenges: Each nation has its own method of communicating and working, which may not be aligned with other nations’ or even yours.

If you are running a business that is facing such challenges, then it might be the ideal time to consider merging your multinational taxes with a single firm and why you should do so as soon as possible.

Do not underestimate local expertise’s resources

Asia-Pacific’s tax landscape is ever-evolving, especially when the respective Governments are constantly introducing new laws and regulations. Singapore, too, has its list of complicated tax regulations, such as GSTs. Ensuring that your business finds the right firm that can not only help you with multinational tax laws but also provide professional tax planning, compliance service, and good financial accounting during reporting season is crucial in maximising tax benefits and incentives.

A reliable local tax advisory service with global reach can also help your business steer towards long-term success. Without the right help, it might be easy to overlook certain tax exemptions and breaks that your company is entitled to in the targeted country.

Supposed you are a local business with no intention to expand abroad, managing such tax requirements in-house could be done easily. However, with multinational businesses, having to deal with various border legislation and regulations might not be as straightforward. Hence, when working with a single tax audit firm services to help manage the various borders, you only have a single point of contact to deal with.

Tax compliance is essential

With regulations around the world tightening, tax activities are gaining more attention from respective authorities. No business owner wants their company to be subjected to tight scrutiny. At the same time, it is also hard for businesses to do more as teams and budget resources are scaled back. Organisations are dealing with ‘The Great Resignation’, as many employees around the world are seeking new employment with better incentives.

Still, compliance requirements cannot be overlooked. Engaging a single firm to help manage multinational taxes means that they understand not only tax laws in Singapore but also laws within the region. Hence, you will not need to allocate time and resources in-house to handle the various tax compliance regulations, freeing you to focus on business growth. The firm can help you navigate through the region’s tax laws while providing professional and unique solutions for long-term growth.

Value-added service

The biggest advantage you can get from outsourcing your tax management is saving time, and time is money. However, instead of going for what you think is the cheapest option, carefully consider if the service provider can provide value-added solutions to the growth of your business. That also means partnering with a well-established business tax advisory firm such as Ackenting Group. With more than ten years of experience in the industry, we provide not only affordable and quality tax solutions but also audit, accounting, branding, payroll, and secretarial services, among others.


Be a smart leader that plans not only for your business’s current season but also for tomorrow. If your business is already running in multiple nations within the region, you may in the future want to consider expanding beyond the region. This means even more compliance, cultural differences, and legalities to navigate. Hence, it is more vital than necessary to engage a single firm with regional experience and global outreach, such as Ackenting Group.

Primarily serving SMEs in Singapore and Malaysia, we also are part of a global professional network across 155 nations. Hence, you can be assured we have the expertise and resources to manage your multinational taxes. For more information, you may refer to

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